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We are not just a tattoo studio where you can get a high-quality tattoo, we are a community of people who are not afraid to be themselves, who do not care about the opinion of others, who are ready to show their essence, and I will help you get it out!

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About tatto master Edita

About me

Ter-Balian Edita Mitushevna was born in 1988 in the city of Leningrad. In 2005, she graduated from the St. Petersburg Art and Aesthetic Lyceum, after which she entered the International Higher School of Management. Performs her works in the technique of dry pastels, watercolors and oil painting. Works in various genres.

She worked as a curator of the Bagheera Gallery in the Central House of Artists, as well as a curator and artist in the Dacha Art Gallery
Participant of dozens of group and personal exhibitions, auctions, winner of Russian and international competitions.

She is a member of the register of professional artists of Russia
Member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia
Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia
Member of the International Federation of Artists
Member of the jury of the grant international competition “Creative Discovery”.

She has been engaged in tattooing since 2022. She studied at the All-Russian tattoo school with the famous master Vladimir Ermak. She mostly work in black and gray realism style , but sometimes she experiments with other styles and colors.

Edita: “I continue to do art, as I have all my life, and tattooing is just another creative tool, but the most responsible one. It is a great happiness to bring joy to people and do what you love!”



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